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Shops and services promoting sustainability in the UAE

Creat'Elle gives you simple, elegant, and eco-handmade sustainable products that help you make the change to a green lifestyle with
Is a producer of bio-based and biodegradable products for those environmentally enlightened consumers who want to help plastic that poses
Committed to producing eco-friendly children products and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. 
They are an independent consulting and and training agency that supports schools, students, teachers, and parents in sustainability initatives.
Eggs & Soldiers is the Middle East home of natural & eco-friendly products for Mum, Baby & Toddler. From cloth
Green Touches is a cleaning company that focuses on ecological cleaning as well as products and consultancy in order to
Life’n One Wellbeing is a plant based and conscious shop centre is founded in Dubai by Eda Gungor in late
Dubai-based online gardening and pet store with eco-friendly options.
They help sustainable enterprises grow by giving them a platform to expand their reach.
OrganiqLiving believes in Organic, Fair Trade, Sustainable and Recycled Products. They aim to bring a change and promote Organic Products
They promote an environmentally friendly culture by sharing our green practices and expertise throughout our different media platforms while providing
Their soaps are environmentally friendly, containing only natural ingredients for the removal of stubborn stains.
Provide a selection of plant based home care products for mindful families. The Botanist’s plant-based home care products are the
They strive to encourage eco friendly sustainable products in uae to eliminate plastic disposables and harmful chemicals.
Brings alternative choices to Dubai to help make it easier to say yes to a more eco conscious lifestyle.
Is an Eco online store that makes environmentally safe and earth-friendly available all while making sure they are affordable and
The first and only one-stop-shop in the UAE to specialize in zero waste swaps made by local entrepreneurs. 
Their philosophy is to source sustainable, handmade and ethical products as well as support plants, trees and reforestation. 

We have one planet. It’s time we save it.

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