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Shops and services promoting sustainability in the UAE

sustainable products by Bag Tag
Bag tag (Taheri Bags) is an online forum for eco-friendly bags for Retail and Packaging Materials
sustainable products uae
Bags of the Future is a Dubai-based company offering a wide range of high quality reusable bags made from jute,
Is a producer of bio-based and biodegradable products for those environmentally enlightened consumers who want to help plastic that poses
green products in uae by Green Camel
Green Camel promotes green products in UAE and focuses on reducing consumer reliance on everyday plastic by replacing it with
sustainable products in uae by green gulf
Empowering the UAE to be a more sustainable country by producing eco-friendly green products in UAE.
Dedicated to eliminating single-use plastic, One Modern World, set up in Dubai, provides premium sustainable products to support businesses and
Plasticfreebags promotes green products in UAE by replacing our plastic shopping bags with lightweight, reusable, 100% certified and expandable string
They promote an environmentally friendly culture by sharing our green practices and expertise throughout our different media platforms while providing
Leaving the corporate world to commence the journey of recycling, Risa founded RISAECO in 2019. All products are made of
Sineo Packaging is a packaging company with a goal to provide the most sustainable, affordable and highest quality disposable packaging
They strive to encourage eco friendly sustainable products in uae to eliminate plastic disposables and harmful chemicals.
Brings alternative choices to Dubai to help make it easier to say yes to a more eco conscious lifestyle.
Upcycle is an initiative started by two social entrepreneurs, who are geared to make a difference to the environment.
They produce and sell 100% cotton bags that are washable, fashionable and ecp-friendly and all made in Dubai. 

We have one planet. It’s time we save it.

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