SunKiss Lifestyle – Integrating Sustainability in Skincare

Environment-friendly beauty products are very much in demand as people become more aware of their benefits to both nature and humans. Here in the UAE, we are still seeing a massive shortage of sustainable cosmetics, particularly for skincare.

SunKiss Lifestyle – Integrating Sustainability in Skincare

Being one of the sunniest places on earth, the demand for excellent skincare, especially for sunscreen, is obviously very high in this part of the world. Unfortunately, for years, local consumers have had to rely on imported products because of the sheer lack of local production. Even worse, these products are not 100% sustainable, with packaging still ending up in landfills.

We got in touch with SunKiss SunCare, a local beauty brand that aims to address this gap in the UAE sustainability scene. Their line of beauty products is a direct response to the growing demand for pro-planet products, with their team passionate about creating a local skincare line that not only nourishes and protects the skin but is also completely sustainable. 

Environment-Friendly Packaging

Reusable, refillable and recyclable – the packaging of SunKiss products is 100% earth-friendly. The bottles come with a spatula or a pump and are easily refillable with your skincare product. They are very durable and designed to last a long time. When the time comes that you have to discard the bottle, no worries! They are made of aluminium and are completely recyclable.

As a fresh, up-and-coming small business, their main challenge was the procurement of these bottles. The goal was to create a product that was 100% local but UAE manufacturers required bulk purchases in the hundreds of thousands, which is simply not practical for a small business. 

Another concern was the plastic pumps that came with the bottle. While they would like to avoid the use of plastic altogether, they have not been able to find an alternative for these. They do emphasize that the plastic pumps are not single-use. They are reusable and recycle, and are actually quite durable so like the bottles, they can last a very long time.

A Work in Progress

With an optimistic outlook, the SunKiss team – Clare and Joanna – know that the future will bring more sustainable options that will enable them to create even better products. They are glad that public awareness regarding sustainability in skin care is rapidly increasing, but also realize that there is still a lot more to be done. 

In the words of Clare, they are “a work in progress.” They are now particularly focused on growing the refillable business model. In their recent product launch, they presented multiple options for the buying public, including offering discounts for customers that are able to return the bottles for them to sterilize and refill.

SunKiss products were recently launched at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah in October. They are also available for purchase at the Melia Desert Palm, the Soul Beach at Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi and all Pastels salons, or online at where they offer free delivery within the UAE. 


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