The Rise of Sustainable Packaging in the UAE

In the move towards a more environmentally friendly and conscious world, sustainable packaging companies are at the forefront. Sustainable packaging is an incredibly innovative industry, especially when it comes to the materials being used.

The Rise of Sustainable Packaging in the UAE

What Goes In It?

The most common materials used to make the packaging include paper, corn starch, areca leaves, and more. Recently though, there have been developments in the materials used, going as far as to now include packaging made from mushrooms and even agricultural waste. 

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One Modern World Making a Move

Currently, there are a number of companies that provide sustainable packaging, one of the most popular in the UAE being One Modern World. Going above and beyond, One Modern World also provides educational workshops for interested companies that focus on zero waste, and how they can take quick and effective action. 

They have a global supplier network which allows them to produce locally in the UAE for sustainable packaging solutions (such as food delivery products).

The Shift to Sustainability

The past few years have seen the world go through massive shifts and adjustments. Arguably, one of the best things to come out of it has been the development of a more eco-friendly approach to living. However, from the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge increase in plastic usage, notably in the form of PPE as well as plastic product packaging. Despite this, the movement continues to grow as governments and countries are starting to incorporate sustainability into their visions and missions. 

Specifically in the UAE, Dubai Tourism has been pressuring their hospitality industry to make all of their packaging sustainable by the 1st of July. Beyond government initiatives, people are becoming increasingly aware of the health and ecological benefits of sustainable packaging. This awareness is thanks to the emergence of sustainability-led small businesses as well as social media campaigns. 

Despite a worldwide pandemic, society is moving steadily towards a greener, more sustainable future, with companies such as One Modern World pushing the pace.


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